Stardust Studio Policy

Our rate is $50.00 per hour, accepted in cash only. We do not take checks or credit cards. Payment must be made in full on the date of the session. For consecutive days of recording, payment must be made by the end of each day's session.

We charge per hour, so any time over an hourly unit will be charged as another hour.  You will need to let us know whether or not you intend to take another hour.

$20.00 per hour is required as a non-refundable deposit for studio time.  You will have to make a full deposit for the entire duration of your session. Without full deposit, we CANNOT guarantee availability of the studio after your reserved time slot. Your session may be terminated if another client has booked the studio time after your slot. If you need to reschedule, you may do it at least three days before the scheduled session. If you DO NOT cancel or reschedule at least three days before the originally scheduled session, your deposit will be forfeited. If you book a certain amount of time, but don't use the scheduled hours, the remaining unused hours will be considered a cancellation of reservation. Therefore, the deposit for unused hours will be forfeited. Reservations can only be made with full deposit in accordance with the aforementioned policy.

You will be charged from the time that you book a session, not the time you show up, regardless of whether you come late. We don't care for your heart breaking excuses.



Studio time: $50.00 per hour
Mastering: $60.00 per song
Massages: (for ladies only; performed by our 'expert' sound engineer) Free!


DA-88 tape (60 min. long): $25.00
DAT tape (60 min. long): $15.00
CD: $5.00 per copy*
CD (mastered): $10.00

*ask about CD duplication prices!

The hourly rate includes all equipment, instruments, and outboard gear, plus an engineer. You are welcome to use all of these, but if you break any of them you will be charged the cost of a replacement (i.e. drum heads, microphones, engineers).

Please do not ask us to estimate how much studio time will you need for your project. We CANNOT guess your studio time requirements. This depends on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, style of music, complexity of musical arrangements, number of performers, their skills and experience in the recording studio, etc. Our engineers will do their best to advise you and assist you in the recording process. However, ultimate decisions regarding the time you take to complete your project will have to be made by you. Our experience tells us that generally, it would always take more time than our clients originally expected.

For digital recording, it is necessary for you to buy the tapes. For multi-track recording, each 8 tracks requires one formatted DA-88 tape for $25.00.  We generally use Maxell P6-60HM tapes for DA-88 recording, which allows 60 minutes of recording time per set of tapes. We learned by experience that these tapes are more durable and free of glitches than other brands. Formatting requires recording time code on a tape in real time, which means that for a 60 minute tape, formatting takes one hour. We provide formatted tapes, but if you bring an unformatted tape you will be charged for the time it takes to format. You might need a DAT tape as a master tape to mix your music on. We generally use the highest quality Quantegy (formerly Ampex) 64 min. DAT tapes for $15.00. Once your final mix is complete, we can perform mastering for your entire project, which will add a final touch. It will provide a rich, more powerful and professional sound of your mix. CD duplication is available, with direct printing on the CDs. Prices of the CDs depend on the amount of the ink for printing and quantity of the order. Ask us about prices!

DO NOT Do Any Of The Following:

DO NOT drink or eat in the recording area. There is a kitchen, and if you need to eat, do it there. The kitchen is fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, sex toys, plates and glasses, coffee and tea. You are welcome to use it, just clean up after yourself.

DO NOT smoke or do drugs anywhere in the studio.  We can't stop you from doing what you want on your own time, but we do not want to be responsible for any possible trouble you may get yourself into. Recording equipment is sensitive to smoke, ashes, and people with impaired judgment, so there are no exceptions.

DO NOT use the phone, unless it is an emergency.  We will not pay for your long distance calls or gossip sessions. 

DO NOT touch glass windows in the studio.  The windows should be clean, and touching them leaves fingerprints that we have to clean up later. Just don't do it. If you have to touch something, you can touch yourself!

DO NOT give us hard time!!

Please feel comfortable and enjoy your time at Stardust studio.

Your cheerful management...